47.4%Monthly Win PercentageMonthly Popularity
Health Points: 582.8 (+85/level)
Health Regen: 8.26 (+0.8/level)
Mana Points: 273.8 (+35/level)
Mana Regen: 6.755 (+0.5/level)
Attack Speed: 0.668 (+2.7%/level)


Damage: 59.208 (+3.1/level)
Attack Range: 125
Movement Speed: 345
Armor: 26.88 (+3.5/level)
Magic Resistance: 32.1 (+1.3/level)
  1. P
  2. Q
  3. W
  4. E
  5. R

Counter Information

Common Items: Randuin's Omen Warding Totem (Trinket) Blade of the Ruined King Sweeping Lens (Trinket) Youmuu's Ghostblade Mercury's Treads +

Umbra BladesVideo

Every 10 seconds, Nocturne's next attack strikes surrounding enemies for 120% physical damage and heals himself.

Nocturne's basic attacks reduce this cooldown by 1 second.


10s Cooldown60/65/70/75/80 Mana

Nocturne throws a shadow blade that deals damage, leaves a Dusk Trail, and causes champions to leave a Dusk Trail. While on the trail, Nocturne can move through units and has increased Movement Speed and Attack Damage.

Shroud of DarknessVideo

20/18/16/14/12s Cooldown50 Mana

Nocturne empowers his blades, passively gaining Attack Speed. Activating Shroud of Darkness allows Nocturne to fade into the shadows, creating a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability and doubles his passive Attack Speed if successful.

Unspeakable HorrorVideo

15/14/13/12/11s Cooldown60/65/70/75/80 Mana

Nocturne plants a nightmare into his target's mind, dealing damage each second and fearing the target if they do not get out of range by the end of the duration.


150/125/100s Cooldown100 Mana

Nocturne reduces the sight radius of all enemy champions and removes their ally vision in the process. He can then launch himself at a nearby enemy champion.