Damage: 58 (+3/level)
Attack Range: 550
Movement Speed: 340
Armor: 22 (+3/level)
Magic Resistance: 36 (+0.5/level)

#11138.5%Monthly PopularityMonthly Win Percentage
Health Points:       575 (+98/level)
Mana Points: 300 (+70/level)
Attack Speed: 0.625 (+2.1%/level)
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Counter Information

Arcane Mastery Video


Ryze's spells deal extra damage based on his Bonus Mana, and he gains a percentage increase to his maximum Mana based on his Ability Power.

Overload Video

6s Cooldown40/38/36/34/32 Mana

Passively, Ryze's other basic abilities reset the cooldown of Overload and charge a rune. When Ryze casts Overload with 2 runes charged, he gains a brief burst of Movement Speed.

On cast, Ryze throws a charge of pure energy in a line, dealing damage to the first enemy struck. If the target has Flux on it, Overload deals extra damage and bounces to nearby enemies with Flux.

Rune Prison Video

13/12/11/10/9s Cooldown40/55/70/85/100 Mana

Ryze traps a target in a cage of runes, damaging them and slowing their movement. If the target has Flux on it, they are instead rooted.

Spell Flux Video

3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25s Cooldown40/55/70/85/100 Mana

Ryze releases an orb of pure magical power that damages an enemy and debuffs all nearby enemies. Ryze's spells have additional effects against the debuffed enemy.

Realm Warp Video

210/180/150s Cooldown100 Mana

Passively, Overload deals even more damage against targets with Flux.

On cast, Ryze creates a portal to a nearby location. After a few seconds, allies standing near the portal are teleported to the target location.