Tear of the Goddess (Quick Charge)

Buy For: 850g (375g Base)Sell For: 595g
Available on: The Crystal Scar
Tear of the Goddess (Quick Charge)

+250 Mana

UNIQUE Passive - Awe: Refunds 10% of Mana spent.
UNIQUE Passive - Mana Charge: Grants 6 maximum Mana on Mana expenditure (up to 3 times per 12 seconds).

Caps at +750 Mana.

Builds From: Sapphire Crystal Faerie Charm
Builds Into: Archangel's Staff (Quick Charge) Manamune (Quick Charge)
Popular With: Udyr Swain Galio Nami Nidalee Cassiopeia

ID: 3073
Monthly Popularity as Finishing Item: #135