Damage: 52 (+3/level)
Attack Range: 500
Movement Speed: 330
Armor: 34 (+4/level)
Magic Resistance: 30 (+0.5/level)

#4941.4%Monthly PopularityMonthly Win Percentage
Health Points:       560 (+89/level)
Mana Points: 350 (+50/level)
Attack Speed: 0.625 (+2%/level)
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Counter Information

Traveler's Call Video


Meeps: Bard attracts lesser spirits that assist with his basic attacks to deal extra magic damage. When Bard has collected enough Chimes, his meeps will also deal damage in an area and slow enemies hit.

Chimes: Ancient chimes randomly appear for Bard to collect. These grant experience, restore mana, and provide out of combat Move Speed.

Cosmic Binding Video

11/10/9/8/7s Cooldown60 Mana

Bard fires a missile which will slow the first enemy struck, and continue onward. If it strikes a wall, it will stun the initial target; if it strikes another enemy, it will stun them both.

Caretaker's Shrine Video

14s Cooldown70 Mana

Reveals a healing shrine which powers up over a short time, disappearing after healing and speeding up the first ally that touches it.

Magical Journey Video

22/20.5/19/17.5/16s Cooldown30 Mana

Bard opens a portal in nearby terrain. Allies and enemies alike can take a one-way trip through that terrain by moving into the portal.

Tempered Fate Video

110/95/80s Cooldown100 Mana

Bard sends spirit energy arcing to a location, putting all champions, minions, monsters, and turrets hit into stasis for a brief time.