Damage: 55.572 (+2.9/level)
Attack Range: 150
Movement Speed: 355
Armor: 27.652 (+3.9/level)
Magic Resistance: 32.1 (+1.3/level)

#6850.9%Monthly PopularityMonthly Win Percentage
Health Points:       579.16 (+87/level)
Mana Points: 317.12 (+31/level)
Attack Speed: 0.644 (+3%/level)
  1. P
  2. Q
  3. W
  4. E
  5. R

Counter Information

Aegis ProtectionVideo

After attacking or casting spells 4 times, Pantheon will block the next incoming basic attack or turret attack.

Spear ShotVideo

4s Cooldown45 Mana

Pantheon hurls his spear at an opponent, dealing damage.

Aegis of ZeoniaVideo

13/12/11/10/9s Cooldown55 Mana

Pantheon leaps at an enemy and bashes the enemy with his shield, stunning them. After finishing the attack, Pantheon readies himself to block the next attack.

Heartseeker StrikeVideo

10/9/8/7/6s Cooldown45/50/55/60/65 Mana

Pantheon focuses and unleashes 3 swift strikes to the area in front of him, dealing double damage to champions. Pantheon also becomes more aware of his enemy's vital spots, allowing him to always crit enemies below 15% Health.

Grand SkyfallVideo

150/135/120s Cooldown125 Mana

Pantheon composes himself then leaps into the air to a target, striking all enemy units in an area. Enemies closer to the impact point take more damage.

Common Items: The Black Cleaver Warding Totem (Trinket) Mercury's Treads Youmuu's Ghostblade Maw of Malmortius Farsight Alteration +