Mercenary Upgrade 1

Available on: Summoner's Rift, The Crystal Scar, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss
Mercenary Upgrade 1

Gives your mercenary the first level upgrade.

Razorfin - Upon aggroing an enemy champion, your Razorfin will pursue them endlessly. While attacking enemy champions your Razorfin has 100% increased movement speed and ignores unit collision.

Ironback - Your Ironback deals 175% damage to enemy structures. Your Ironback gains a shield that blocks the attack damage from the next basic attack from a champion or a turret (on-hit effects like Lich Bane are not blocked). The shield is renewed 10 seconds after it breaks.

Plundercrab - Your Plundercrab has +50 attack range. Your Plundercrab now gains a stacking 20% attack speed buff (up to 150%) for 3 seconds every time they hit an enemy champion.

Ocklepod - Your Ocklepod has 10 Magic Resistance. Your Ocklepod spawns a moving Clairvoyance every 30 seconds. After a 4 second delay, it grants vision to a nearby area for 4 seconds.

ID: 3615
Consumable: Yes
Consume On Full: Yes