Timeworn Face of the Mountain

Buy For: 2100g (450g Base)Sell For: 840g
Available on: Twisted Treeline
Timeworn Face of the Mountain

+350 Health
+100% Base Health Regen
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+4 Gold per 10 seconds

UNIQUE Passive - Spoils of War: Melee basic attacks execute minions below 320 (+20 per level) Health. Killing a minion heals the owner and the nearest allied champion for 15 to 90 (based on missing health) and grants them kill Gold. Healing is halved if the owner is ranged. These effects require a nearby ally. Recharges every 20 seconds. Max 4 charges.
UNIQUE Active: Grant a shield to you and an ally equal to 10% of your maximum Health for 4 seconds. After 4 seconds, the shields explode to slow nearby enemies by 40% for 2 seconds (60 second cooldown). Automatically targets the most wounded ally if cast upon self.

QUEST: Earn 750 gold using this item.
REWARD: Shield Battery, a permanent shield that regenerates slowly outside of combat.

Limited to 1 Gold Income or Jungle item.

Builds From: Timeworn Targon's Brace Kindlegem

ID: 3309