Avarice Blade

Buy For: 800g (400g Base)Sell For: 320g
Available on: Summoner's Rift, The Crystal Scar, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss
Avarice Blade

+10% Critical Strike Chance

UNIQUE Passive - Avarice: +3 Gold per 10 seconds
UNIQUE Passive - Greed: Grants 2 Gold upon killing a unit.

May be bought with another Gold Income item

Builds From: Brawler's Gloves
Builds Into: Youmuu's Ghostblade Atma's Reckoning Statikk Shiv Executioner's Calling
Popular With: Kayle Skarner Fiddlesticks Sivir Yorick Malphite

ID: 3093
Monthly Popularity as Finishing Item: #301