Buy For: 350gSell For: 140g
Available on: Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline

10% Omnivamp vs. Monsters

  • Sear: Damaging Monsters burns them for (60 + 30% Ability Power + 5% bonus Attack Damage + 2% bonus Health) magic damage over 5 seconds.
  • Chilling Path: Smiting 5 times consumes this item upgrade your Smite to Chilling Smite. When smiting champions Chilling Smite deals 20 - 156 (based on level) true damage and steals 20% of their Move Speed for 2 seconds.
  • Huntsman: Killing Large Monsters grants bonus experience.
  • Recoup: Regen up to 8 - 18 (based on level) mana per second when in the Jungle or River.

    Consuming this item grants all item effects permanently. If you have gained more gold from minions than jungle monsters, gold and experience from minions is heavily reduced. Healing is not reduced on AoE attacks.

    Builds Into: Madred's Razors Spirit Stone Quill Coat Quill Coat
    Popular With: Ivern Kindred Rammus Kayn Kha'Zix Master Yi

  • ID: 1039
    Max Ownable: 1
    Monthly Popularity as Finishing Item: #195