#70 54% Monthly Popularity Monthly Win Percentage
Health Points: 440.0 (+84.0/level)
Health Regen: 1.0 (+0.11/level)
Mana Points: 255.0 (+40.0/level)
Mana Regen: 1.5 (+0.14/level)
Damage: 46.0 (+3.0/level)


8/10 2/10 5/10 8/10 AD Defense AP Difficulty
Attack Range: 500.0
Movement Speed: 330.0
Armor: 14.0 (+3.5/level)
Magic Resistance: 30.0 (+0.0/level)
  1. P
  2. Q
  3. W
  4. E
  5. R

Counter Information

Deny Farm Beware of Passive Build Armour Get Close Hard CC Gap Close

Icathian Surprise Video

Kog'Maw's P: 'Icathian Surprise'

Upon dying, Kog'Maw starts a chain reaction in his body which causes him to move faster and detonate after 4 seconds; dealing 100 + (25 x lvl) true damage to surrounding enemies.

Caustic Spittle Video

8s Cooldown 60 Mana
Kog'Maw's Q: 'Caustic Spittle'

Passive: Increases Kog'Maw's Attack Speed. Active: Kog'Maw launches a corrosive projectile which deals magic damage and corrodes the target's Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds.

Bio-Arcane Barrage Video

17s Cooldown
Kog'Maw's W: 'Bio-Arcane Barrage'

Kog'Maw's attacks gain range and deal a percent of the target's maximum health as magic damage.

Void Ooze Video

12s Cooldown 80/90/100/110/120 Mana
Kog'Maw's E: 'Void Ooze'

Kog'Maw launches a peculiar ooze which damages all enemies it passes through and leaves a trail which slows enemies who stand on it.

Living Artillery Video

2/1.5/1s Cooldown 40 Mana
Kog'Maw's R: 'Living Artillery'

Kog'Maw fires a living artillery shell at a great distance dealing damage and revealing non-stealthed targets. Additionally, multiple Living Artilleries in a short period of time cause them to cost additional mana.