#9351.9%Monthly Win PercentageMonthly Popularity
Health Points: 507.68 (+76/level)
Health Regen: 5.42 (+0.6/level)
Mana Points: 325.6 (+45/level)
Mana Regen: 8.005 (+0.6/level)
Attack Speed: 0.625 (+1.4%/level)


Damage: 57.04 (+3/level)
Attack Range: 550
Movement Speed: 340
Armor: 21.88 (+3.5/level)
Magic Resistance: 30
  1. P
  2. Q
  3. W
  4. E
  5. R

Counter Information

Common Items: Liandry's Torment Sorcerer's Shoes Warding Totem (Trinket) Doran's Ring Morellonomicon Rylai's Crystal Scepter +


Brand's spells light his targets ablaze, dealing 8% of their maximum Health in magic damage over 4 seconds.


8/7.5/7/6.5/6s Cooldown50 Mana

Brand launches a ball of fire forward that deals magic damage. If the target is ablaze, Sear will stun the target for 2 seconds.

Pillar of FlameVideo

10s Cooldown70/75/80/85/90 Mana

After a short delay, Brand creates a pillar of flame at a target area, dealing magic damage to enemy units within the area. Units that are ablaze take an additional 25% damage.


12/11/10/9/8s Cooldown70/75/80/85/90 Mana

Brand conjures a powerful blast at his target, dealing magic damage to them. If the target is ablaze, Conflagration spreads to nearby enemies.


105/90/75s Cooldown100 Mana

Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of fire, dealing magic damage each time it bounces. If a target is ablaze, Pyroclasm will priotize champions for the next bounce.